Personal Success Stories


Success Story: Trina

Success Story: Julie Kaye "JK"

Success Story: Marlene

Success Story: Michael

Success Story: Barbara

Success Story: Bill Tassey

Success Story: James

Success Story: Amy Strange

Success Story: Jeanie Friar
Jeanie Friar suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after a traumatic sexual assault that left her house-bound for nearly 14 years. In addition to the overwhelming fear of leaving the house, she lives with chronic pain from multiple car accidents that has made work difficult for her.

Success Story: Betsy Phelps

Success Story: Rudy
When Rudy enrolled in the TeleCare Depression Care Management program, he had been divorced for 2 years and was still traumatized by the experience.

Success Story: Willie

Success Story: Ruben
For some, the journey to better health seems an endless one. In 2009, an aneurism left Ruben disabled. The pain, both physically and emotionally, was overwhelming. Prior to his disabling aneurism, Ruben had been a very active person, and enjoyed his life. Now, Ruben had been depressed for over a year and, at one point, had even attempted suicide.

Success Story: Heraldo Pickering
When Heraldo Pickering started receiving services at AspenPointe’s Pathways ACCESS Center two years ago he could not add or subtract, and he pretty much kept to himself.

Success Story: Survivors of Fallen Soldiers
Pat O’Kane-Trombly used to love to sing. But after her 27-year-old son died on a training mission in Afghanistan in 2009, O’Kane-Trombly lost her voice.

Success Story: Lisa Barrett
Lisa Barrett could not see herself. For years, she could not see her value, feel hope or look to the future. In her first art therapy class, she painted her family but not herself.

Success Story: Brett
Brett heard about AspenPointe's justice restoration program through a friend who was already involved.

Success Story: Serina
Serina idealized the life of a military wife: opportunity for travel, stability, adventure. But at 22 years old, she spends much of her time trying to help her husband cope with the emotional wounds of war.

Success Story: Justin
Justin sensed something was wrong as his unit headed to Baghdad to pick up supplies on Jan. 18, 2006, and the nearest civilians were about 200 yards from the road.