AspenPointe Clinician Shares Life Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted 04/20/2018

AspenPointe Clinician Shares Life Spring Cleaning Tips

KKTV Channel 11’s “Moms Everyday” show hosted an AspenPointe clinician to discuss “Spring Cleaning our Lives!”  Yes, everyone has clutter in their life.  It can be hard to organize and spring clean our home, much less our lives.  But, the good news is that an AspenPointe clinician provides each of us a way ahead. 

Click this link to watch this short four-minute interview.  Below is a short outline on these Spring Cleaning Tips! 

Topic 1:  Self-cleaning first

  • Be your own biggest fan
  • Set realistic goals for yourself

Topic 2:  Cleanup our relationships

  • Have screen free interactions
  • Try something new together

Topic 3:  Dust off outdoor activities

  • Manage stress with nature
  • Incorporate exercise with the outdoors

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