KRDO TV - Colorado Springs Behavioral Expert: 'Threats May Be Cry For Attention'

Posted 02/28/2018

KRDO News Channel 13
Stephanie Sierra

There's been at least a dozen threats made in schools across Colorado within the past two weeks, and clinicians who study child behavior have reason to believe there's a psychological motive behind these crimes.

The most recent one targeted students at Webster Elementary School in El Paso County with a message found inside the boys' bathroom.

"I worry about sending my kids to school, thinking am I going to get a call," said Edward Mouchette, a parent of three and former child crimes investigator for the Department of Justice. "Enough is enough, everything that is happening right now is a shame."

AspenPointe Director and Clinician Charlton Clarke explains these threats may be a cry for attention.

"Maybe someone who feels, 'Hey I'm not getting noticed,' or 'I feel powerless,' this might be something they would do to get attention," Clarke said.

A national organization called the Educator's School Safety Network reported Wednesday that more than 600 threats were made in schools across the country since the Florida high school shooting.

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