KKTV: Crisis Training For Local Police, Making Mental Health A Priority

Posted 01/17/2018

KKTV News 11
Dianne Derby

Some of our local police officers are using a new approach to dealing with someone in crisis. Officers are taught to take control when they're called to any scene. But when they're dealing with a person in crisis, especially someone who is considering suicide, getting control can be a delicate balance between force and empathy.

When someone is in crisis, the conversation a cop has can mean the difference between life and death.

"Sara, I am trying to understand and I don't mean to disrespect you or give you the impression that i'm disrespecting you," one deputy could be heard during the new type of training.

The woman in this car the deputy was talking to is an actor. The scene is part of training for Colorado Springs police and El Paso County deputies.

"I just want to make this life go away now," Sara responded to the deputy, tears in her eyes. "I've given everything I have, I've given it everything I have and its taken it all and I'm done."

The officers who organize this crisis intervention training are determined to make it as real as possible. They teach officers to treat people like people instead of problems.

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