Inpatient Acute Treatment Unit (Lighthouse)


The Acute Treatment Unit (ATU) at the Lighthouse Facility offers a secured 24-hour, short-term stabilization care. Our ATU treats adults age 18 and over who are experiencing problems with psychiatric illnesses and/or emotional disorders that need immediate attention. 

The ATU is a different treatment option compared to primary care hospitalization.  The personal care at the ATU is also ideal for those seeking a shorter length of time than that of a hospital stay.  The average time spent at the ATU is five days.  The smaller environment also provides less anxiety and more comfort.    

AspenPointe welcomes family members to participate in the patient's care upon their approval. 

The ATU is not the ideal care facility for those patients who are violent, intoxicated, withdrawing from some substance use, immobile or incontinent. 

After completing the acute stay, an appropriate referral is then made to continue treatment in the least restrictive level of care possible. The level of care recommended is determined by the individual needs of the client.