Medication Services


AspenPointe has the unique ability to support our clients by offering a mental health therapist in conjunction with a psychiatrist and/or nurse prescriber, if medications are needed. Our therapists and prescribers provide cohesive, collaborative care in a supportive team environment to assist client recovery and optimum outcomes.

Medication Management

Medication Management is when a psychiatrist or psychiatric prescriber focuses their supports on monitoring the progress and side effects of a medication that has been prescribed to address a psychiatric illness.

Psychiatric Services

The process starts with a clinical prescreening where the need for medical psychiatric services is identified. A referral is then made to the Psychiatric team for an integrated admission with both the medical prescriber and the clinician. Reasons for referrals may include but are not limited to : differential diagnosing, clients are already on psychiatric medications, clients are at risk for hospitalization, clients are not improving with therapy only, concerns related to suicidal and homicidal thinking, thought process problems and mental status concerns.

Prescriber credentials: Child Psychiatrists, Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician’s Assistants with prescriptive authority.

Medication Management: These are ongoing appointments with prescribers for management of medication issues. Appointments usually are 30 minutes long. Client will be evaluated for target symptom improvement, side effects, etc. Please request longer appointments if client needs special assistance (ADA issues, language interpreters, Disability forms completed, etc).

Medication Only Services:  Stable clients who have completed the therapeutic work or stable clients who have an external therapist in the community may apply for the medication only services level of care whereby they are seen at least quarterly by the prescriber and meds only case manager for their continued medication services.

Nursing Services: Nurses are available by appointment only in between prescriber appointments to provide assessment and follow up for side effects and refill management. Nursing services include but are not limited to: patient teaching regarding psychiatric medications, assessment and follow up as ordered by prescriber, follow up for side effects and medication refill management.

QoL Pharmacy Services: QoL (Quality of Life) is a niche pharmaceutical company embedded with AspenPointe  that provides full pharmacy services including psychiatric and medical medications. Enrollment to the pharmacy is free and takes just a few minutes. There are many value added services for our clients not otherwise provided other pharmacies in the community. We highly encourage your clients to enroll for the services to improve their continuity of care related to their medications.

Patient Assistance Medications: The Patient Assisted medication program assists clients to obtain medication who otherwise do not have any benefits. A clinic nurse may assist clients with application processes, the meds are delivered to AspenPointe and a nurse will then distribute the medication based on prescriber orders.

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.