Culinary Training


Fresh Food = Fresh Start

We instruct students who are committed to a career in culinary arts; helping them achieve their potential with individualized instruction from a professional staff with years of experience in restaurants, catering and dining facilities.  Students will acquire the foundational knowledge and skills of cooking and/or baking, sensory awareness and teamwork needed to work with competence and professionalism in a commercial kitchen or in a related culinary field.

Program Overview

AspenPointe offers a highly structured environment in which students learn and practice professional work skills and attitudes that will serve them for a lifetime. We balance compassion and support with expectations for professional behavior that meet the demands of the workplace.  We work with each student individually, enabling them to create a new life for themselves and their families. 

Food Services Training is taught through hands-on, real-world experience in the cafe's kitchen. Students work and train alongside our own chefs learning job skills from dishwasher to cook.  We train competitive skills so our graduates can compete and excel in the food service industry.  Unlike many Cooking Schools, we focus on skill training that will make our graduates immediately employable.

Employment Assistance means finding the right jobs for our students and continuing to work with them after they've graduated to ensure that they retain their jobs in all sectors of the foodservice industry.  Our graduates are working in restaurants, hotels, assisted living facilities, cafes, school kitchens, casinos, and universities.

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A model member of Catalyst KitchensCritical to its organizational plan, AspenPointe Cafe is a Model Member of Catalyst Kitchens; a nationwide network of non-profits working to build and sustain communities rooted in social enterprise and food service-based training. AspenPointe Cafe remains an independent agency implementing our own innovative programs but benefits from Catalyst Kitchens' ongoing oversight and accreditation, shared resources and benefits including sponsorships and services.