Career Services

AspenPointe’s Career Services instills individuals in Colorado Springs with hope, confidence and the skills necessary to improve their quality of life by providing them with career counseling, employment services and training.  The opportunities provided include situational assessments, job seeking skills, vocational education and training, and job placement services; all necessary to assist them in attaining their highest individual potential. 

secthumb-20160810132118Career Services Evaluation/Intake
An individualized process that develops employment goals and objectives with individuals, based on work history and career interests.

secthumb-20160810132156Application Skills
Individuals will learn how to highlight specific skills and strengths, complete industry specific applications and learn pointers on how best to complete and submit applications.

secthumb-20110615090112Job Searching Skills
Training which demonstrates to individuals the many ways to search for jobs (internet, newspaper, walk-ins and cold calling).

secthumb-20160810132413Resume Writing Skills
Teaches individuals how to prepare different types of resumes (functional, chronological, professional, etc.) depending on individual's work history, level of completed education, strengths and skills and career interests.

secthumb-20160810132413Interviewing Skills
Prepares individuals for basic job interviews and industry specific interviews by discussing interview questions, dressing appropriately, making a good first impression and practicing mock interviews.

secthumb-20160810132449Job Placement
These services help people obtain employment consistent with their strengths, interests, abilities and desired career path.

secthumb-20160810132516Career Goals/Exploration
Provided to individuals whom are unsure as to which career field they wish to pursue. Individuals are assisted with developing career goals and the steps necesary to get there. Community based and hands on activities are provided in order to assist individual's in exploring careers.