Youth Services


AspenPointe Youth Directions utilizes restorative practices and provides opportunities for youth to take accountability, learn from their decisions, and develop the necessary skills to become contributing members of their community.

secthumb-20150605111148Restorative Justice-based Services
Restorative Justice based practices help youth understand the impact of their decisions, encourages accountability and provides them with the opportunity to begin repairing harm that may have been caused as a result of negative decisions. Services may include, but are not limited to, restorative conferencing services, victim impact/decision and impact classes, community restorative projects and theft prevention.

secthumb-20150605111245Career and Development Services
This area of the program assists youth in developing the necessary skills to obtain employment and in identifying a career path that meets their interests and strengths.

secthumb-20150605111309Community Living Skills
The community living skills program provides youth hands-on training and assistance in areas which will assist them in becoming more self sufficient. This includes: money management, goal setting, communication skills, cognitive skills, conflict resolution, health and nutrition, creative expression thru art and more.

secthumb-20150605111339Training Programs
Youth Directions provides training opportunities for youth to gain work experience in a real-work setting. Youth are able to use the skills and experience they acquire during these trainings to help them obtain employment.

secthumb-20150605111530Education and Career-Ed Services
The education program with AspenPointe is designed to help youth at the elementary school level through the high school level meet their educational goals.

Eligibility Criteria:
Youth ages 11-21

Insurance(s) Accepted:
There are several different funding streams for our services, which include: being open with AspenPointe Health Services (for therapy or medication management), contracts, grants, and fee for service. Please call (719) 637-8912 for more information.

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (by appointment) Later appointments are available, based on need, please call (719) 572-6100 for more information.