Recovery Care Management


AspenPointe TeleCare’s Recovery Care Management (RCM) program is an evidence based program that supports clients in their recovery from substance abuse.

TeleCare is an AspenPointe organization that specializes in helping people in the self-management of their behavioral health, chronic disease and substance use disorders.

As part of the RCM program, Recovery Care Managers provide telephonic at no charge, to to people who are in substance abuse treatment. Recovery support is available for up to 2 years after treatment discharge.  The program is completely voluntary and confidential. 

Recovery Care Managers are licensed clinicians and experienced certified addictions counselors. All sessions are telephonic. Each scheduled phone session with your Care Manager includes a review of how you are managing your recovery. The focus of each session is guided by your needs and includes discussion about what kind of activities or supports you have in place that help in your recovery. Your Recovery Care Manager will also help you discover specific ways to cope with risky situations, and will support you in finding or maintaining self-help activities. We support you in reaching your goals!

“I feel more grounded… I appreciate you more than you know.”
TeleCare RCM Client

Your Recovery Care Manager will:

  • Encourage your successful completion of treatment
  • Support your continued participation in self-help activities
  • Guide you in setting goals and identifying how to take steps to achieve them
  • Provide recovery support for up to 2 years after you have completed treatment

To find out about eligibility requirements, or to see if RCM is a good fit for you, please talk to your treatment provider or ATR Care Coordinator.

You can also call and ask to speak to a Recovery Care Manager at:
(719) 572-6133 or (888) 845-2881

You can reach the RCM program by email at: 

Eligibility Criteria:
Currently in Substance Abuse (SA) treatment or living in a sober living home. To enroll in the program, they must be either referred by their SA treatment provider, or Access To Recovery (ATR) Care Coordinator.

Insurance(s) Accepted:
See eligibility criteria. The program is free to those eligible.

Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.