Telephonic Care


AspenPointe telephonic care, established in 2005, is a health care management service based in Colorado Springs. Its programs provide confidential, professional and compassionate one-on-one telephonic outreach and ongoing support to individuals with mental health conditions and chronic disease.

Diseases and mental health conditions supported include asthma, chronic pain, congestive heart failure, diabetes type II, heart disease, depression and sleep issues. Telephonic care also supports those in recovery from substance abuse.

Telephonic care is designed to help members to better manage their self-care to improve their overall physical and mental health. This added support helps improve their quality of life, enabling them to feel better about themselves at home and in the workplace.

In addition to supporting members directly, Care Managers communicate (with member’s permission) regularly with members’ health care providers to provide for optimum treatment.

secthumb-20101104151238Depression Care Management
Depression Care Management is a confidential program that provides added support, by telephone, to people who are in treatment for depression. For the uninsured - if someone is depressed and not currently in treatment, a Care Manager can help them find a provider as well as provide added support. This program is completely telephonic.

secthumb-20101104151213Chronic Disease Management
Chronic Disease Management is a confidential, telephonic program for supporting members who have a mental health condition and have at least one of the following diseases: Asthma, Heart Disease, Chronic Pain or Type II Diabetes.

secthumb-20110513154951Recovery Care Management
Recovery Care Management provides confidential, telephonic support for people in recovery from substance abuse. This program is completely telephonic.

secthumb-20150604131320Success Stories
Here about how telephonic care has helped real people... Ruben, Rudy and Sarah.

Eligibility Criteria:
Adults age 18 and over who are experiencing problems with psychiatric illnesses and/or emotional disorders that need immediate attention

Insurance(s) Accepted:
Medicaid, TriCare, Third-party

On call crisis services are available after hours and on weekends in El Paso, Teller, and Park Counties. Days/Times Available: After hours and on weekends.