AspenPointe Café Joins Network of Social Innovators

    Posted 02/05/2013

    The AspenPointe Café is a model of social innovation that empowers lives through its food service training program while offering excellent customer service and quality food at a good price.

    And those efforts are paying off. The Café recently earned the distinction as a model member of the Catalyst Kitchens network.
    Catalyst Kitchens is a collaborative network of organizations with a shared vision to empower lives through job training, self-generate revenue through social enterprise, and nourish bodies and minds through quality foodservice, according to their website.
    “We’re excited to be a part of the Catalyst Kitchens network,” said Brian Toon, AspenPointe Enterprises director of business operations. “Being a part of the network gives us recognition as a proven training entity and provides opportunities to collaborate with other businesses with similar goals and objectives.”
    The Café joins 32 other members of Catalyst Kitchens, but it remains an independent agency implementing its own innovative programs. Each of the member businesses benefit from Catalyst Kitchens' ongoing oversight and accreditation, shared resources and benefits like sponsorships and services.
    A recent email from Kim Thomas, a member resources coordinator for Catalyst Kitchens, said, “Catalyst Kitchens has worked with AspenPointe since 2008 as it focused on building a well-run social enterprise that operates at a consistent volume to provide excellent training opportunities; whereby trainees have a tangible way to practice and master not only technical foodservice skills but also the soft skills that will help them on their paths to self-sufficiency.”
    Each of the businesses share a common goal of providing business solutions that meet social needs in the community.
    “Social enterprise provides innovative solutions in serving the disenfranchised in our community,” said Jonathan Liebert, Vice President of AspenPointe Enterprises. “Our Café’s primary mission is to train and provide jobs for individuals who are often overlooked by other businesses yet make a valuable contribution to the community and their families.”
    AspenPointe operates three cafés – two in Colorado Springs and one in Castle Rock, Colo. Two of AspenPointe’s cafes are full-time training facilities teaching the full range of food services from washing dishes to creating unique entrees.
     “By eating our food you are investing in the success of this community,” Liebert said. “All of the revenue generated from our cafes is invested back into our business to help train and employ the disabled, seniors, at-risk youth and veterans. The program creates self-sufficiency by transforming our students into highly sought-after food services employees.” 
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