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Solutions for Employers

With our help, you can turn employees suffering from depression into more productive members of your workplace.

The hidden costs of depression in American business are staggering, far surpassing the treatment costs employers absorb. Depression costs American business $63 billion each year, with $36.6 billion resulting from reduced productivity and increased absenteeism, not the cost of treatment. TeleCare can help your employees become happier and healthier, leading to improved productivity at work as well as at home.
Clinical studies have shown:
1.       Depressed workers report an extra 18.2 days of poor productivity each year.
2.       Depressed workers report an extra 8.7 days of absenteeism each year.
What you should know about the treatment for depression
  • People with depression can be successfully treated.  Treatment typically includes a two-fold approach of medication and psychotherapy.
  • 80% of people who receive adequate depression treatment will respond positively.  
  • There are challenges to effective treatment
    • The nature of the disease makes it difficult for people to seek or follow through with treatment (66% of people with depression never receive treatment)
    • 74% of Americans seeking help for depression visit a primary care provider (PCP). The majority of PCPs lack the time, training and other resources to treat depression
    • Poor medication compliance due to side effects and medication response time (4 out of every 10 depressed individuals who start antidepressant medications discontinue it before they can realize any clinical benefit)
    • Lack of follow through with recommendations to participate in therapy

How to Purchase Depression Care Management for Your Employees

All disease management programs for depression are not the same. AspenPointe TeleCare provides, as a minimum, all the necessary components of evidence-based care. With non-clinically proven programs that do not contain these components, you may fail to achieve your return on investment.

Disease management programs for depression should include the following components of evidence-based care:
  • Education for patients regarding depression and its treatment.
  • Six monthly outreach calls in the first six months.
  • Six quarterly outreach calls between 7-24 months even if the patient feels better.
  • Care Management protocols to contact healthcare professionals if patients fail to improve or begin to feel worse again.
We evaluate the progress of patients when they start the program and every six months through the length of the program. Our program evaluation demonstrates the following:
  • Decrease in patient depressive symptom severity
  • Improvement in patient’s overall physical and mental health, physical and social functioning and ability to work
  • High level of customer satisfaction with the depression care management program
  • Improvement in the productivity and work attendance of participating employees
  • Cost savings associated with improved productivity and work attendance
Depression Care Management reduces absenteeism by 28.4% each year.
Depression Care Management reduces lost productivity at work by 90.1% each year.

Eligibility Criteria:
Call - AspenPointe TeleCare at 719-572-6133 or 1 (888) 845-2881 and ask for Brandi Haws or Robin Anderson

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