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Our military men and women have heroically performed their duties. It is now our duty to provide the care and support they and their families need as they return home. At AspenPointe, we have created a unique approach—an individual Peer Navigator who creates hope for active duty soldiers, veterans, and their families through employment, mentoring, training, and community transition services at no cost. The Peer Navigator is a veteran or military family member with a deep understanding of the military culture who is able to establish a personal individualized connection and act as a personal guide through complex systems of care such as those presented below. 

Thousands of service members are leaving the military in Colorado as the Department of Defense continues to draw down after more than a decade of war. The unemployment rate of Post 9-11 Veterans ages 25-34 continues to be nearly twice as high as that of non-veterans. More than ever, transitioning military members need assistance reintegrating into their community.  
Inarguably, the most essential element of a Veteran's transition back into the civilian sector hinges on finding meaningful employment. The process of finding a new career after military service is a daunting and confusing process for many veterans. 
Research from the Department of Army and Army Medical Department suggests that 10 to 15 percent of post-deployed Soldiers are at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder. The most common diagnosis for the recently deployed and their families include adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety disorders and alcohol- and substance-related problems. Many of these issues are short term and can be properly managed with effective care. But if left untreated, these issues can destroy families.
Sometimes Soldiers are reluctant to seek care for mental health out of fear of appearing weak and being forced out of the military. This reality makes it essential for communities to partner with the military in providing care for Soldiers and their families.
Veteran's Integration Program (VIP) Our military men and women have heroically performed their duties, and now it’s our turn to provide the support they need as they make the transition to civilian life. In collaboration with a local Colorado Foundation, AspenPointe’s Peer Navigator program specializes in providing services to transitioning Military members through an intensive focus on employment via training and education resources. The program is FREE to all those separating from any status or component of the military. 
The Peer Navigator is a veteran or military family member with deep understanding of the military culture who is able to establish a personal, individualized connection and act as a personal guide through essential resources. 
Résumé construction
Interviewing skills
Transfer military skills to
civilian language
Connection to potential employers
Identify potential schools
Assist with application process
Explore education benefits
Tutoring resources
Connection to industry-specific trainings
Funding available for training and certifications
Hands-on-training support
Resources for supplies and tools needed
Available 24/7: 440-3387
Rising Veteran Professionals (RVP)Mentorship provided by a more experienced professional can be a game changing event for any Veteran as they seek a new career path. Mentors can provide that invaluable personal advice to a Veteran at one of the most precarious points in their life. Veterans may already have a college education, wish to learn a trade or open a small business instead of attending college after their military service.  Mentors would be selected across a wide spectrum of career fields and industries in order to accommodate all Veteran career goals.  The robust civilian to military support network, combined with the large population of transitioning Veterans in Colorado Springs would undoubtedly serve as an ideal launch pad for a mentorship program in Colorado.  An emphasis on supporting Veteran entrepreneurs within the program would include the added benefit of creating new businesses that is vital to our regional economy. 
Generalist Services These free services are for all military members, veterans, and family members. Any military member, veteran, or family member who is not served by the above programs will be assisted by a generalist Peer Navigator, who has diverse experience in serving the needs of this population.
Veteran Trauma Court Peer Mentor Program (VTC) The Veteran Trauma Court Peer Mentor Program is for service members and veterans who have had legal contact that could result or has resulted in a lower-level felony and who are currently enrolled or could be considered for Veteran Trauma Court. This is a free program funded by a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency Grant. 
For more information, see our Peer Navigator brochure. Download File
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