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AspenPointe's Adult Substance Use Disorder Program offers both Enhanced Outpatient (EOP) and Outpatient Treatment (OP) levels of care are offered in day and evening groups. The program takes five months to complete. EOP consists of six weeks of group three times weekly, followed by six weeks of OP group two times weekly, followed by eight weeks of Recovery Maintenance group one time weekly.  Upon completion of the program individuals are encouraged to attend Recovery Maintenance group once a week for up to a year for ongoing skills reinfocement and connections for a substance-free lifestyle.

Treatment level is based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine's Patient Placement Criteria for the Treatment of Substance-Related Disorders (ASAM). Graduates of the program are eligible to apply to become volunteer peer facilitators and are eligible for ongoing TeleCare support via AspenPointe’s Recovery Care Management. Telecare Recovery Care Management is free to Medicaid clients and can be accessed by calling 572-6100.

Women Only group and Music group are available once a week for individuals enrolled in the program. 

The program is based on the Matrix Model an evidence-based curriculum, which includes the topics: Early Recovery Skills, Relapse Prevention Skills, Family Education, and Social Support Skills.

Adult Substance Abuse Program Admission Packet:

Insurance(s) Accepted: Medicaid, Indigent MSO funding. Funding for women with dependent children, pregant women, and injection drug users. No private insurance. 

To enroll call AspenPointe Contact Center at 572-6100.

Hours: Day and Evening groups available.


 Success Story: Finding a Way Out of Darkness

Finding a Way Out of Darkness
Richard grew up in Los Angeles.  The eldest of four children, he was a teenager when he began using drugs, but as he got older he became involved in a lifestyle that almost cost him his life.

“I’d been using drugs since the age of 16,” Richard said.  I’ve been to prison, been in gangs…been shot ...”

As an adult Richard became addicted to crack cocaine.  He couldn’t keep a job and it damaged his relationships with family members.

 “You know, the kind of drug addict I was, if you weren’t watching, I’m stealing whatever it takes because I need to go get high,” Richard said.

Richard’s two daughters were also affected by his behavior.

“Whenever I was using, you know, they was waiting on Daddy and Daddy would never come around,” he said. “If I did come around I was 165 pounds looking smoked up.”

Richard found himself 41 years old and living in Colorado when he decided to change his life.

“I was done letting my daughters down. I was done letting Richard down – because I couldn’t hold a job.  And you know, it was time, it was time.”

In 2007 Richard enrolled in AspenPointe’s 6-week Intensive Outpatient program (IOP).  He learned how to break the cycle of his addiction while focusing on relapse prevention.

“I had to learn how to be in a relationship with my daughters.  And IOP taught me that,” Richard said.  “Things I would never do before because I was so selfish, I try to do those things today.  My grandmother, I try to keep in touch with her and I mean there’d go years where I didn’t see her.”

Richard also joined the After Care program where he learned valuable coping and interpersonal skills.
“It helped me also to get outside and deal with the world…and hold a job,” Richard said.  “And when the Boss tells me, “Richard you’re not doing that right”.  Ok, don’t get my feelings hurt, start doing it right.”

After treatment in 2008, Richard’s employer encouraged him to complete a 4-year apprenticeship so he could become an electrician. 

“Quite frankly, at 41, I didn’t want to learn any more,” Richard said. “You know, especially just coming off of drugs.  But I stuck with it.  I had some people who helped me all through my four years.

“At graduation, they asked me to speak in front of the group at the Sky Sox stadium and that was one of the first big moments of my life.”

Today, Richard is close to completing his electrical Journeyman’s certification. He also continues to work with AspenPointe, giving back as a Co-Facilitator helping others through the IOP program.

“Whenever I first come to group and I see these people and they’re looking down at the desk,” Richard said. “And then six weeks later they’re looking up and they have a lot of things to say.  And they’re proud.  Now they have some light at the end of the tunnel.  That’s what I love today – because that was me.

“I have a career, I have my relationships back. God is good to me today.”

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